ALBUM RELEASE FOR MORGAN BARRIE'S NEW ALBUM "LINES" In the depths of the pandemic, Morgan buckled down to complete his third album, Lines. Lines is set to be released May 13th, 2022 at Heartwood Concert Hall. This newest album is truly a listening experience, an ambitious yet seamless concept album that takes listeners on an epic, heartfelt journey through the human struggle to make sense of their place in the world around them. Barrie’s solid musicianship, composition and production is enhanced by a rich tapestry of collaboration woven throughout the album with contributions from an array of notable artists including Lisa Lobsinger, Kyle Crane, Mark Mariash, Aaron Goldstein, Tyler Beckett, Matt Epp, and Christina Martin. Morgan continues to develop his abilities as an artist and a producer in his home studio in Owen Sound. Through his experience playing live and recording albums Barrie has learned how to connect with listeners and tell stories important to today’s complex environment. For More About Morgan x Barrie visit

20$ plus s/c live or 10$ live stream