Morgan Barrie is an emerging and original Canadian singer-songwriter whose sound 
seamlessly intertwines warm guitar riffs and thoughtful lyrics. Morgan finds a way of 
opening the channels to your soul, singing about challenges all generations collectively 
face in the 21st century. He’s raw, honest, and slightly haunting. Morgan’s songs 
encompass topics of love, waste, and loss in equally passionate terms. As an artist, 
Morgan takes control over all elements of the production process. From composing the 
music to engineering the final product in his personal studio. Morgan’s ambitious efforts 
pay off in his powerful sound. 
Reticent to play in public at first, Morgan did not start sharing his music until 2015. His 
debut solo LP 'North' was released to modest success in 2017. To promote the album, 
Morgan preformed several sold-out shows and strengthened his music community. 
Following the success of ‘North’, Morgan released his second full length album. Fall 
(2018), is filled with beautiful soundscapes. It displays a subtle, yet palpable, angst over 
the state of humanity. Songs from Fall hit the top 10 list for the CFRC Kingston station, 
were played on CBC North, and have received praise from music critics across globe. 
Morgan’s music has also been showcased internationally. Touring across Germany, 
Morgan opened for Matt Epp on his 2018 European tour. 
As follow-up to his experience overseas, Morgan has now secured his own fully-booked 
three week tour through Germany and Switzerland in 2020. Morgan continues to 
develop his abilities as an artist and a producer. From his first two albums, he has 
learned how to connect with listeners and tell stories important to today’s complex environment.